I am Ian Byers
During my career I have held positions such as Senior Art Director and Senior Designer for companies that produce digital and print advertising. Drawing upon this experience, a BFA in graphic design, and skills in animation and illustration, I can quickly make valuable contributions as a member of your company’s creative development team 
This is what some nice and talented folks have said about me
Ami Plasse –Creative Director at Spreadfast
"I've had the great pleasure of working with Ian several times over the last few years. An extremely talented creative, Ian possesses an exciting array of design and conceptual skills coupled with a strong work ethic - tirelessly driving his projects to fruition at the highest level possible. Additionally Ian is a fabulous illustrator with an amazing dedication to his craft - his pieces brimming with great style and wit. I most definitely look forward to working with Ian again in the hopefully not-to-distant future."
Chris D' Rozario –Executive Creative Director –Team One
"Ian was a big part of many of my team’s successes, including winning best in show at the OMMAs (Online Media & Marketing Awards) and the FCS Awards (Financial Communication Society.) If I were to point to a single accomplishment, it would be the iPad app he designed for Oppenheimer that set a new standard for content and engagement in the category.

He brings his sense of design to a wide skill set – everything from illustrations and visual identity systems to websites and app development. He also brings an intense focus to everything he does, which allows him to get a lot done in relatively little time. 

Ian has a lot to offer and I’m looking forward to seeing more good things from him.."
IRocky Barry –Director of Agency Operations Atmosphere Proximity
Ian has proven himself to be an outstanding conceptual art director. He consistently surprised and pleased my team with his exciting and effective approach to design challenges. Ian is a consummate professional.
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